It took me more than two years to write LOST RIVER and, in a way, it took decades.

When I first realized my books were classified as of Historic Fiction, I realized my whole life is historic fiction. Compared to the present, growing up in the 40s and 50s was like a different world entirely.

Each one of my books deals with a different aspect of Southern life. Shorter’s Way is about rambunctious Georgia politics in the 1920s, Waterproof Justice is about crime, crookedness and crazy Louisiana justice, Crossing the Moss Line is about the Gullah culture and unintended consequences and Thunder and White Lightning is about moonshine and the beginning of NASCAR.

LOST RIVER took a different turn. It’s about the hidden stories of characters in a small town. The people are tough, resilient, optimistic and sometimes downright funny. It’s only when you learn their back stories that you can appreciate who they really are. Welcome to LOST RIVER.

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